Discovering what can be done, and then seeing those plans developed are just the beginning. We offer design services for container gardening, color enhancements, urban gardens and residential landscapes for central and south Florida.


Utilizing our installation services gives you peace of mind and a professional project that is guaranteed. Full landscapes, annual color, raised gardens, container gardens and many other types of installations are available. Success is a phone call away.


We don't want to take all your fun away if you love gardening and maintaining your lawn and landscape yourself; but for others - we are here to serve you. We offer full service maintenance packages. Weekly maintenance, irrigation and pest services (organic or conventional pesticides) of your turf, ornamental and gardens.



We have lofty goals of making the world just a little better than how we found it. Butterflies, bees and a host of other beautiful and beneficial insects are having a hard go of it.  Please think about what and when you use in your garden to reduce the "pests" - and leave the rest.

The right plant, in the right place

We often see plants that were planted too close to a home, or too close together. Both of these create separate issues, but neither are desirable. Putting the right plant in the right place not only looks better, but it save you money by not needing to replace as often, reducing pesticides and not requiring as much water.


Next Steps...

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